The team from Solemma (Diva for Rhino) has announced the release of ALFA, a new circadian lighting design software for architects and lighting professionals. ALFA is the result of a year-long collaboration with sleep experts at Harvard Medical School and the Alertness CRC in Australia. The program supports the calculation of circadian lux from the earliest phases of the design process onward, to help optimize both the visual and non-visual benefits of lighting.

Key features are:

  • Usability ALFA comes with an enhanced user interface that is embedded into the Rhino3d ecosystem.
  • Spectral renderings ALFA creates 81-channel spectral renderings from multiple view positions.
  • Analysis Toggle between photopic and melanopic falsecolors, rotate spherical images in place, and get view- and pixel-based spectral measurements.
  • Spectral skies Queue up physically accurate spectral skies for any location on Earth.
  • Training Watch our online tutorial and join us for our upcoming workshops in New York City and the Bay Area.

Learn how to set up your first circadian lighting design project using ALFA: