Energy Analysis Enhancement in Revit 2016

Autodesk Revit 2016 introduces a number of powerful new Energy Analysis capabilities to help improve your design decisions earlier, and more regularly throughout the design process in an easier, more reliable, and cohesive manner than ever before..(For Subscription customers)

Winning with Life-Cycle Assessment

This session will provide an overview of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), related requirements for LEEDv4, and the Revit application Tally as a tool for analyzing and reporting LCA throughout design and construction. LCA is a relatively new process in building design and construction aimed at reducing a building’s impact on the environment, and offers another...
Tally Life-Cycle Assessment Greenbuild 2014 Session

Tally Life-Cycle Assessment Greenbuild 2014 Session

Life Cycle Assessment at the Speed of Design – Greenbuild 2014 session by Jonathan Rowe (Autodesk), Roderick Bates and Ryan Welch (KieranTimberlake)
Greenbuild Session A09 - Daylighting Simulation at Four Architecture Firms

Greenbuild Session A09 – Daylighting Simulation at Four Architecture Firms

This is a very interesting session from last years Greenbuild on how four leading architectural firms tackle the issues around understanding daylight metrics and informing design decisions accordingly. How do firms start a daylight simulation program in-house, how do they run it, integrate with project schedules, and use it to make better design decisions? Leading...

Cloud-based Energy Simulation Using EnergyPlus

This is a recording from a webinar that was hosted on February 10, 2015 to introduce the Project EnergyPlus Cloud available in Autodesk Labs. During the session Principal Engineer and Product Owner Krishnan Gowri demonstrates how to utilize EnergyPlus Cloud in addition to facilitating an open forum discussion for feedback.

Lumion 5.3 Update Available

Ease of use is critical when it comes to the efficient creation of architectural visualizations. Lumion 5.3 contains some great new features which make it even faster and easier to build beautiful scenes and render them as still images or animations. In total more than 50 improvements and features ensure the best in visualization workflow...

Google Earth Pro is Now Free

Over the last 10 years, businesses, scientists and hobbyists from all over the world have been using Google Earth Pro for everything from planning hikes to placing solar panels on rooftops. Google Earth Pro has all the easy-to-use features and detailed imagery of Google Earth, along with advanced tools that help you measure 3D buildings,...

Energy Simulation Plug-ins for Revit Review by LMN Tech Studio

With our continued efforts in enhancing sustainability in all our projects, we have been looking into early-design daylight and energy analysis. Since LMN loves Revit, we tested 3 energy simulation plug-ins available for Revit: IES-VE, Design Builder and Sefaira. IES and Design Builder are 2 standalone energy simulation software famous among energy modelers and MEP...
Life-Cycle Assessment with Revit and Tally for the Atlanta Falcons Stadium

Life-Cycle Assessment with Revit and Tally for the Atlanta Falcons Stadium

This is an interesting Autodesk University Class on life-cycle assessment via a BIM model from AU 2014 that went live a little while ago: AB6581: Flying High with Revit and Tally: Lifecycle Assessment for the Atlanta Falcons Stadium The new Atlanta Falcons stadium is a large, complex project that strives to push sustainability forward in...

Simergy v1.4 Released

Simergy v1.4 was released today. You can download it from the Simergy website at: Simergy is a BIM/BEM application that dramatically reduces the time and complexity required to use DOE’s whole-building energy modeling and performance simulation engine — EnergyPlus. Simergy was designed and developed to meet the advanced building energy modeling needs of architects,...

Revit Credit Manager for LEED Updated

On October 30, the development team updated the technology preview for the Revit Credit Manager for LEED at Autodesk Labs. This update includes numerous bug fixes and enhancements based on Autodesk Labs Community feedback as well as addition of a new credit calculator, MRC4 – Recycled Content. And based on our most popular request, the...

Lumion 5.0 is Available

Fascinating real-time viz tool Lumion which integrates well with Revit and Archicad (and some CAD tools as well) has been updated to version 5. See what’s new in version 5.0 here .. Find the full release notes here ..