Perkins+Will Conducts Survey of International Tall Wood Buildings

Perkins+Will Conducts Survey of International Tall Wood Buildings

The Perkins+Will research team of Kathy Wardle, Rebecca Holt, and Jana Foit undertook a survey of 10 international tall wood buildings for Forestry Innovation Investment (FII) and the Bi National Softwood Lumber Council (BNSLC). FII and BNSLC believe that collaborating with global leaders in taller wood construction to share experiences and information may help to...

Living Future 2013 Keynotes: Jason F. McLennan, David Suzuki, Paul Hawken

I just found out that the Living Future 2013 Keynotes are available as a video recording. I really enjoyed this conference. Too bad I will not go this year ;-(

Sefaira for Revit – Webinar Recording now available

I had introduced Sefaira in a recent post. Now the mentioned webinar in regards to their Revit integration is available on Sefira’s Vimeo site (or watch below, update: but for some reason I can’t make the embedded video “full screen”)

CBC Podcast – Are the Highrises of the Future made of Wood?

With developers planning to build the world’s tallest residential building in Quebec City, we ask McGill Architecture prof Avi Friedman if the skylines of the future will be wooden.
Interview: "Design Energy Simulation for Architects" w/ Kjell Anderson, AIA

Interview: “Design Energy Simulation for Architects” w/ Kjell Anderson, AIA

Kjell Anderson, AIA practices at LMN in Seattle, with a focus on sustainability. He previously worked at Callison, training employees internationally on energy simulation and modeling. His upcoming book, “Design Energy Simulation for Architects: Guide to 3D Graphics” explores energy use and modeling in architecture. Go to the AIA Washington State blog to read the...

VELUX Daylight Symposium 2013 – Presentations

Here are some great presentations from the VELUX Daylight Symposium 2013 that I stumbled across lately. As this is just a selection of a few please go to this Youtube playlist to see them all. Lisa Heschong – The Daylighting Potential of Existing Office Buildings Christoph Reinhart – The Lorax Project Signe Kongebro – What...

What Starbucks Gets that Architects Don’t or Form Follows Feeling

I like this article by Christine Outram on the idea of ‘form follows feeling’.  She emphasizes in a way the fact that “Performance Indicator’ in building simulation should eventually be more along the lines of Bhutan’s ‘Gross National Happiness‘. Happiness and well-being should be the ultimate indicators in our economies beyond energy use and financial...
TED Talk: Why We Should Build Wooden Skyscrapers / Michael Green

TED Talk: Why We Should Build Wooden Skyscrapers / Michael Green

Building a skyscraper? Forget about steel and concrete, says architect Michael Green, and build it out of … wood. As he details in this intriguing talk, it’s not only possible to build safe wooden structures up to 30 stories tall (and, he hopes, higher), it’s necessary.
Google to Join the BIM Arena?

Google to Join the BIM Arena?

This is definitely something to watch (See links below). If Google’s data driven approach could be applied to the AEC industry this would be a game changer for BIM and Performative Design practitioners. Google’s serious interest in the quality of their own built environment lends these rumors even more credibility. Google was applying the Living Building...
Archsim Energy Modeling for Grasshopper

Archsim Energy Modeling for Grasshopper

The Archsim Energy Modeling component for Grasshopper allows you to quickly create multi-zone energy models and simulations for building design. The tool comes with an abstract thermal model class library and various functions such as “early design auto-zoning”, “automated intersections” etc. that assist you with model creation, simulation and result visualization.  Currently, supported simulation engines...
Second Nature 'The Biomimicry Evolution' Trailer

Second Nature ‘The Biomimicry Evolution’ Trailer

Second Nature: The Biomimicry Evolution explores the emerging discipline of biomimicry, the science of emulating nature’s best ideas to solve human problems. Set in the wilds of South Africa, the film follows biologist, author, and Time magazine “Hero of the Environment” Janine Benyus and the Biomimicry 3.8 Institute team as they illustrate how organisms in...

Inside The Greenest Office Building In The World

Seattle’s Bullitt Center goes way beyond LEED certification. It has entirely zero impact, from clean materials, composting toilets, and rainwater harvesting. Take a walk inside. Seattle is not the place you would think to build an entirely solar-powered building. But that’s part of the idea behind the Bullit Center: If it can make it as...