Flux Live Data Dashboard

Flux Live Data Dashboard

So, you have a bunch of data in Flux and your project is ticking along. Your project is being updated with increasing fidelity and the building is slowly taking shape. This dashboard lets you to stay on top of progress with a simple and beautiful presentation of your Flux data, including Visualizing your Flux data...

UNBOXED featuring Flux

Flux is a data exchange and collaboration platform for designing the buildings and cities of tomorrow. I will demonstrate our native data exchange plugins for Grasshopper, Revit, SketchUp, Dynamo, and Excel, as well as a collection of experimental features from Flux Labs.  
Jen Carlile (Flux Factory) Keynote - Day 3 - Design Modelling Symposium 2015

Jen Carlile (Flux Factory) Keynote – Day 3 – Design Modelling Symposium 2015

Jen Carlile is Co-Founder and Software Engineer at Flux Factory. Jen introduces the recently announced FLUX Collaboration Tools for the Architecture and Construction Industry during her presentation. The keynote was held during the Design Modelling Symposium Copenhagen 2015 Modelling Behaviour, held in Copenhagen, Denmark at CITA, Centre for Information Technology and Architecture, Royal Danish Academy...

Healthy Indoors Show – The Quartz Project

Designalyze Podcast: Interview with Jen Carlile – Co-Founder of Flux Factory

Brian Ringley from Designalyze catches up with Jen Carlile, Co-Founder of Flux Factory at the at the Design Modelling Symposium in Copenhagen. go to to listen to the podcast  
Flux, HBN, thinkstep and Google collaborate to launch the Quartz Database at VERGE 2015

Flux, HBN, thinkstep and Google collaborate to launch the Quartz Database at VERGE 2015

San Jose, Calif., Leinfelden-Echterdingen, 27.10.2015 – First collaborative, open data initiative to combine health and environmental impact data on building materials empowers AEC industry to achieve greater sustainability. Flux, a technology company founded to deliver collaboration tools for increasing efficiencies in building architecture and engineering, together with Google, a global tech company committed to creating...

Cloud-Based Collaboration for City Planning: Kimon Onuma at TEDxAmericasFinestCity

Kimon Onuma, FAIA, has been practicing architecture for three decades; building informed environments, ecosystems and cities. His firm is one of the first to use Building Information Modeling (BIM) on a large scale master planning project nearly two decades ago. His firm’s award winning BIMStorms are cloud-based tools and processes used for city planning and...

Solve for X: Nicholas Chim (Founder Flux Factory) – Sustainable Architecture at Scale

As the global population continues to increase, we face two huge problems: housing and climate change. Moonshot pioneer Nicholas Chim plans to use software and open-sourcing to design new buildings at a rate fast enough to support our growing population.

Cradle to Cradle Certified Solar Panels

Solar panels are usually considered a clean way of generating power, and this development makes them even more sustainable. The world’s first and only Cradle to Cradle (C2C) certified solar panels were launched last month by the US-based SunPower Corporation. All panels produced at its plant in Mexicali, Mexico, have achieved the silver level award,...

Winning with Life-Cycle Assessment

[vimeo 120098325 w=610&h=340] This session will provide an overview of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), related requirements for LEEDv4, and the Revit application Tally as a tool for analyzing and reporting LCA throughout design and construction. LCA is a relatively new process in building design and construction aimed at reducing a building’s impact on the environment, and...

LEED to Recognize Living Building Challenge Energy & Water Requirements

Press release via USGBC .. April 3, 2015 (Washington, DC) – The U.S. Green Building Council announced today that it will now recognize energy and water requirements from the Living Building Challenge (the Challenge) green building system within the LEED green building program. “USGBC and the International Living Future Institute, developers of the Living Building...
Cradle to Cradle Inspired Buildings

Cradle to Cradle Inspired Buildings

Our aim is to design buildings like trees and cities like forests. The Cradle to Cradle concept drives the design of the built environment toward a beneficial footprint that goes beyond sustainability. In this sense, the projects seek effectiveness instead of efficiency-which only means reducing the bad impacts on the occupants and the environment. Our...