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Living Future 2013 Keynotes: Jason F. McLennan, David Suzuki, Paul Hawken

I just found out that the Living Future 2013 Keynotes are available as a video recording. I really enjoyed this conference. Too bad I will not go this year ;-(

Inside The Greenest Office Building In The World

Seattle’s Bullitt Center goes way beyond LEED certification. It has entirely zero impact, from clean materials, composting toilets, and rainwater harvesting. Take a walk inside. Seattle is not the place you would think to build an entirely solar-powered building. But that’s part of the idea behind the Bullit Center: If it can make it as...
Wood: An Integral Part of a Net-Positive Building

Wood: An Integral Part of a Net-Positive Building

The Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability (CIRS), located in Vancouver, British Columbia, is an interdisciplinary academic centre; the building is home to multiple research projects and the subject of ongoing studies on the long-term effects of sustainable design, construction and operation. CIRS is expected to be UBC’s first Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design...
Minergie Calculations from the BIM Model with Lesosai

Minergie Calculations from the BIM Model with Lesosai

Lesosai 7.1 imports gbXML, which can be generated Revit, Sketchup (with Plugin) und Archicad (with Plugin). Lesosai is software for the certification and thermal balance calculation of buildings containing one or more heated or cooled zones. It is designed primarily for building engineers, HVAC engineers and architects.. http://www.lesosai.com

New Tool for Exchanging Data between Revit and PHPP

Bjerg Arkitektur studio has been busy developing a new tool that makes it possible to exchange data between Revit and the passivhouse planning tool PHPP. The tool has the work title “Project Omega”, and is a smart and easy installable add-in to Revit. When exporting from Revit, the user has to choose which data to...

How do BREEAM, LEED and DGNB Compare?

Healing the Materials Supply Chain: The Google Story

Healing the Materials Supply Chain: The Google Story

Specifying sustainable materials is now going beyond LEED requirements such as recycled content and low-VOC’s to address concerns about manufacturing processes, toxicity and environmental justice. Multiple materials red-lists and tools have been developed to raise awareness amongst architects, designers and clients about these issues. However, the complexity and time involved in vetting materials using these...

Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Garden: A Living Building Takes Shape

One of the world’s first living buildings is taking root on Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Garden’s historic Oakland campus in Pittsburgh, PA. The Center for Sustainable Landscapes, slated to open in spring 2012, will produce all its own energy, and capture and treat all water on site, literally having as much impact on the environment...

Living Cities and the Living Building Challenge – Framework for the Future

Ideas to Action – Living Cities and the Living Building Challenge – A Framework for the Future Key Note Speaker: Clark Brockman – Director of Sustainability – Sera Architects Inc Portland, Oregon

The Bullitt Center – Seattle: A Living Building Challenge Project & A Model for Change

The Bullitt Center – Seatte: A Living Building Challenge Project & A Model for Change Speaker: Margaret Sprug – Living Buildings Architect – The Miller Hull Partnership Sustainable Design & Development Conference , Bellingham, November 8th, 2012 Presentation of 45 minutes
Living Proof

Living Proof

A video story of the Bullitt Center, which is designed to be the “greenest commercial building in the world”. Comment on Vimeo: Impressive that the City of Seattle created a demonstration code to allow this innovative project to blaze trails! “The Bullitt Center, previously the Cascadia Center, is a commercial office building under development in...

Form Follows Energy: Achieving the Passive House Standard

This is the fourth in the 2012 series of web seminars sponsored by the AIA Housing Knowledge Community. J.B.Clancy, AIA, discusses the design and construction of a Passive House in northern Vermont. This house was the first Certified Passive House in the U.S. for Habitat for Humanity, the first Passive House in Vermont and the...