• Consense 2014

    Starts: 2014/07/01

    Ends: 2014/07/03

    Location: Stuttgart, Germany

    Description: Consense is the leading industry meeting-point for sustainable building, investment, operations and maintenance. The trade fair and congress provide a cross-industry link between investment, planning, building, operation and maintenance of sustainable properties. Four themed forums featuring informative talks attract large crowds of visitors. They make Consense the knowledge platform for sustainability. The focal point is networking of science and industry, and of thinkers and practical experts. There are numerous opportunities to forge new contacts at the trade fair, in the themed forums and during the get-together. // http://www.messe-stuttgart.de/en/consense/

  • BAU Congress China 2014

    Starts: 2014/07/08

    Ends: 2014/07/10

    Location: China National Convention Center, Beijing, China

    Description: As an annual congress and accompanying exhibition that clearly focuses on high-quality design, planning and construction, BAU Congress China provides a business, contacts and information platform for Chinese industry professionals.
    The accompanying exhibition of BAU Congress China is a showcase of premium products and cutting edge technologies in architecture, materials and systems for the Chinese market. The DGNB is partner of the exhibition in Beijing.
    Become an exhibitor at the BAU Congress China and use the opportunities offered by the Chinese market and the construction industry. // http://www.dgnb.de/en/events/dgnb-at-traide-fairs/bau_china/

  • WorldGBC Congress 2014

    Starts: 2014/08/04

    Ends: 2014/08/08

    Location: São Paulo, Brazil

    Description: http://www.worldgbc.org/

  • eCAADe 2014

    Starts: 2014/09/10

    Ends: 2014/09/13

    Location: Northumbria University, Newcastle UK

    Description: http://www.ecaade.org/conference

  • 2014 ASHRAE--IBPSA-USA Building Simulation Conference

    Starts: 2014/09/10

    Ends: 2014/09/13

    Location: Atlanta, GA, United States

    Description: https://www.ashrae.org/membership--conferences/conferences/2014-ashrae--ibpsa-usa-building-simulation-conference

  • CDVE2014 - Conference on Cooperative Design, Visualization & Engineering

    Starts: 2014/09/14

    Ends: 2014/09/18

    Location: Seattle, WA, United States

    Description: http://www.cdve.org/

  • NAPHN14 Conference & Expo

    Starts: 2014/09/22

    Ends: 2014/09/24

    Location: Portland, ME, USA

    Description: The North American Passive House Networks' 2014 Conference and Expo will feature Passive House projects from across the continent and around the world - small and large - from homes, to schools, office buildings and city districts. The conference will provide an unparalleled in-depth look at what Passive House is achieving today. Presentations will also look at detailed technical aspects, policy and regional based solutions for this international standard. The Expo will showcase over 30 industry leaders and Workshops before and after the conference will allow for in-depth training at introductory to expert levels.

  • BauSIM2014 "Human-centred building(s)"

    Starts: 2014/09/22

    Ends: 2014/09/25

    Location: RWTH Aachen University, Templergraben 55, Aachen, Germany

    Description: http://bausim2014.ibpsa-germany.org/eng/index.php

  • Nordic Wood Buildin Conference 2014

    Starts: 2014/09/24

    Ends: 2014/09/27

    Location: Trondheim, Norway

    Description: http://forumholzbau-nordic.com/

  • EuropIA.14: Architecture, City and Information Design - 14th International Conference on Advances in Design Sciences and Technology

    Starts: 2014/10/01

    Ends: 2014/10/04

    Location: Nice, France

    Description: http://eia14.europia.org/


    Starts: 2014/10/01

    Ends: 2014/10/05

    Location: Marietta, GA, United States

    Description: http://designcommunicationassociation.org/

  • ACADIA2014: DESIGN AGENCY conference

    Starts: 2014/10/09

    Ends: 2014/10/13

    Location: Los Angeles, CA, United States

    Description: http://acadia.org/events/T76V3Y

  • Greenbuild International Conference & Expo

    Starts: 2014/10/22

    Ends: 2014/10/25

    Location: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

    Description: http://www.greenbuildexpo.org/education/education-session-development/call-for-proposals.aspx

  • World SB14 Barcelona

    Starts: 2014/10/28

    Ends: 2014/10/31

    Location: Barcelona, Spain

    Description: http://www.wsb14barcelona.org/


    Starts: 2014/11/07

    Ends: 2014/11/10

    Location: Friedrichshafen, Germany

    Description: http://www.messe-sauber.eu/index.php?article_id=194#.//files/hhe-fh-09-gelaende_see_n.jpg

  • Building Sustainability SGBC14

    Starts: 2014/11/10

    Ends: 2014/11/12

    Location: Stockholm, Sweden

    Description: http://www.sgbc14.se/

  • 30th International PLEA Conference / Sustainable Habitat for Developing Societies

    Starts: 2014/12/16

    Ends: 2014/12/19

    Location: Ahmedabad, India

    Description: PLEA is an autonomous, non-profit, network of individuals sharing expertise in the arts, sciences, planning and design of the built environment. Founded in 1981, PLEA (Passive and Low Energy Architecture) organises international conferences and workshops; expert group meetings and consultancies; scientific and technical publications; architectural competitions and exhibitions.The goal of the 30th International PLEA Conference (PLEA 2014) is to promote discussion and debate on the learnings, opportunities and challenges in passive low energy architecture and design in a rapidly growing world. // http://www.plea2014.in/

  • Net Positive Energy + Water Conference

    Starts: 2015/01/22

    Ends: 2015/01/24

    Location: Hyatt Regency San Francisco

  • Living Future unConference 2015

    Starts: 2015/04/01

    Ends: 2015/04/04

    Location: Seattle, WA, USA

    Description: Living Future unConference 2015
    April 1-3, 2015
    Seattle, WA
    Sheraton Seattle
    The time for “Do less harm” has passed. It’s time for the beginning of being; the beginning of a Living Future. Join us next April for Living Future 2015. We’ll explore a genuine sense of place and community as the bellwether of truly restorative design.
    Check back at the link below in the coming weeks for our Call for Proposals and registration details: