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Revit to Microsoft Project Connector Released

A new release of the BIMjet Connect software was announced this week. The Connector provides a bi-directional link between Microsoft Project and Autodesk Revit platforms. Enabling Architects and Contractors  to schedule complex BIM models for 4D visualization and construction scheduling. [Via BIMjet news]

4D Project Scheduling with Google SketchUp and Synchro

Synchro is a 4D (3D drawing + time /scheduling) application that allows you to create and animate the construction schedule of your project. The 3D drawing from SketchUp is tied via a plugin to each stage of the project schedule in the Synchro application such that the PM can view project progress as a 3D...

Make Google Earth a 4D Building Simulation Tool with Earth Connector for Revit

You can not only post your Revit models to Google Earth but you can make it your occasional 4D simulation tool. You can add time as the forth dimension by using phases from Revit and implementing them as Google Earth timespan to play the construction phases through the timeline via a time slider. You can...