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Ladybug+Honeybee Fall 2016 Series

Ladybug+Honeybee Fall 2016 Series

Ladybug+Honeybee are tools connecting parametric geometry in Rhino3D to EnergyPlus, Radiance and Berkeley Labs Window and Daylighting tools. This series is led by tool developer Chris Mackey, a building scientist and designer and a graduate of MIT’s Masters of Architecture and Masters of Science in Building Technology programs. Full workshops are available at
Greenbuild Session A09 - Daylighting Simulation at Four Architecture Firms

Greenbuild Session A09 – Daylighting Simulation at Four Architecture Firms

This is a very interesting session from last years Greenbuild on how four leading architectural firms tackle the issues around understanding daylight metrics and informing design decisions accordingly. How do firms start a daylight simulation program in-house, how do they run it, integrate with project schedules, and use it to make better design decisions? Leading...
Webinar: The New IES-Approved Daylight Metrics

Webinar: The New IES-Approved Daylight Metrics

Here are the slides and a recording of my October 23rd AIA San Francisco and IBPSA webinar on the New Daylight Metrics. Download slides here [vimeo 109997667 w=610&h=353]  
Sefaira Releases Performance Analysis Plug-in for Revit

Sefaira Releases Performance Analysis Plug-in for Revit

Sefaira Now Provides Feedback on Energy and Daylighting Trade-Offs in Autodesk Revit Sefaira, the leader in software for high-performance building design, today announced that it now delivers real-time energy analysis and daylighting analysis within Autodesk® Revit. With the Sefaira for Revit plugin, architects can now assess tradeoffs between energy and daylighting performance and make performance-based...

Revit Credit Manager for LEED

The Revit Credit Manager for LEED will allow you to automate calculations for your LEED Daylighting and Views IEQ 8.1 (Daylight Option 1 Simulation and Option 2 Prescriptive) and IEQ8.2 (Views) credits as well as streamline the submittals conveniently from inside Autodesk Revit 2014 software. Go to the Autodesk Feedback Community to find out more...

Daylight Factors and Nine out of Ten Daylight Simulation Programs Agree

This is a very interesting post on All Things Lighting on the history and reason behind the Daylight Factor as well as a comparison of ten daylight simulation programs with a surprising result .. Calculating daylight factors requires a 3D CAD model and daylight simulation software, if only to accurately model the spatial luminance distribution...
Daylight Analysis Through Revit Workflow

Daylight Analysis Through Revit Workflow

This education session from the Boise Integrated Design Lab features alternative workflows for BIM integrated Daylight Analysis (thanks for sharing). As Revit evolves and gains more embedded analytical capabilities, its ability to perform daylight analysis is also rapidly evolving. Currently two main workflows exist. The traditional workflow exports geometry and material characteristics from Revit into...

VE 2013 Feature Pack 2 is Available to Download

Even though this is news from before Christmas it is worth mentioning that the BPA (Building Performance Analysis) software makers are preparing for the new version of LEED 4.0. IES Integrated Environmental Solutions announced that the second feature pack of the latest release VE 2013 is available to download from the IES download centre. Latest...
Interview: "Design Energy Simulation for Architects" w/ Kjell Anderson, AIA

Interview: “Design Energy Simulation for Architects” w/ Kjell Anderson, AIA

Kjell Anderson, AIA practices at LMN in Seattle, with a focus on sustainability. He previously worked at Callison, training employees internationally on energy simulation and modeling. His upcoming book, “Design Energy Simulation for Architects: Guide to 3D Graphics” explores energy use and modeling in architecture. Go to the AIA Washington State blog to read the...

VELUX Daylight Symposium 2013 – Presentations

Here are some great presentations from the VELUX Daylight Symposium 2013 that I stumbled across lately. As this is just a selection of a few please go to this Youtube playlist to see them all. Lisa Heschong – The Daylighting Potential of Existing Office Buildings Christoph Reinhart – The Lorax Project Signe Kongebro – What...

DAYISM Website is Back with new Version

DAYSIM version 4.0 is out. Check it out at this new domain

Daylighting Analysis with DAYSIM and Ecotect

Did you ever wanted to go beyond the Point in Time daylight simulation possible with the tandem of Radiance and Ecotect and simulate the Daylight Autonomy of a space over the course of a year then you might be interested in the following tutorials from the AutodeskEcoWorkshop YouTube channel. DAYSIM and Ecotect 1: Export Models...