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Ladybug+Honeybee Fall 2016 Series

Ladybug+Honeybee Fall 2016 Series

Ladybug+Honeybee are tools connecting parametric geometry in Rhino3D to EnergyPlus, Radiance and Berkeley Labs Window and Daylighting tools. This series is led by tool developer Chris Mackey, a building scientist and designer and a graduate of MIT’s Masters of Architecture and Masters of Science in Building Technology programs. Full workshops are available at

Energy Analysis Enhancement in Revit 2016

Autodesk Revit 2016 introduces a number of powerful new Energy Analysis capabilities to help improve your design decisions earlier, and more regularly throughout the design process in an easier, more reliable, and cohesive manner than ever before..(For Subscription customers)

Energy Simulation Plug-ins for Revit Review by LMN Tech Studio

With our continued efforts in enhancing sustainability in all our projects, we have been looking into early-design daylight and energy analysis. Since LMN loves Revit, we tested 3 energy simulation plug-ins available for Revit: IES-VE, Design Builder and Sefaira. IES and Design Builder are 2 standalone energy simulation software famous among energy modelers and MEP...
Simergy Version 1.3 is Now Available

Simergy Version 1.3 is Now Available

Simergy v1.3 was released today. You can download it from the Simergy website at: As all of you know, Simergy is a BIM/BEM application that dramatically reduces the time and complexity required to use DOE’s whole-building energy modeling and performance simulation engine — EnergyPlus. Simergy was designed and developed to meet the advanced building...

Sefaira for Revit – Webinar Recording now available

I had introduced Sefaira in a recent post. Now the mentioned webinar in regards to their Revit integration is available on Sefira’s Vimeo site (or watch below, update: but for some reason I can’t make the embedded video “full screen”)
Interview: "Design Energy Simulation for Architects" w/ Kjell Anderson, AIA

Interview: “Design Energy Simulation for Architects” w/ Kjell Anderson, AIA

Kjell Anderson, AIA practices at LMN in Seattle, with a focus on sustainability. He previously worked at Callison, training employees internationally on energy simulation and modeling. His upcoming book, “Design Energy Simulation for Architects: Guide to 3D Graphics” explores energy use and modeling in architecture. Go to the AIA Washington State blog to read the...
Sefaira: Cloud-Based Early Design Performance Analysis for Revit and SketchUp

Sefaira: Cloud-Based Early Design Performance Analysis for Revit and SketchUp

Sefaira is a relatively new kid on the block in the Building Performance Analysis field. It looks like that speed of calculation is one of the differentiators here compared to similar tools. What I find exciting is that they will have a webcast showcasing their new integration with my favorite design tool Revit on Wednesday...

OpenStudio V1.1.0 Released

EnergyPlus is the Building Technology Office’s (BTO) free, open-source whole-building energy simulation engine. OpenStudio is BTO’s free, open-source software development kit for energy simulation using EnergyPlus. Developed at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), OpenStudio provides common input model creation, run management, and result manipulation functions that reduce the effort to develop applications that use...

Simergy: A Free, Comprehensive Graphical User Interface for Energy Modeling with EnergyPlus

Simergy v1.0 was released today. Simergy is a free graphical user interface (GUI)  that enables DOE’s whole-building energy modeling engine EnergyPlus to be used more easily and effectively. Simergy helps meet the advanced building energy modeling needs of architects, mechanical engineers, simulation consultants, energy analysts and sustainability consultants. Simergy can be downloaded from (Note...
Energy by Design

Energy by Design

The first episode of the AIA’s Design: Art+Science educational video series, which focuses on the key design ingredients behind high performance buildings, Energy by Design introduces the viewer to building energy use, high performance energy codes, energy modeling, and energy modeling tools. It emphasizes integrated design and collaboration, and sets a solid foundation from which...

Revit Energy Analysis with Green Building Studio’s New Potential Energy Savings Chart

The Potential Energy Savings chart is a cutting edge new feature that helps design teams understand the features of a building’s design, construction, and systems that can save the most energy. It is designed to help users focus the team’s valuable efforts only on the areas that matter most for reducing energy use. Read more...
Simergy - 3rd Public Beta Released

Simergy – 3rd Public Beta Released

Simergy is a Free Graphical User Interface enabling EnergyPlus to be used more easily and effectively. Go to to find out more .. See also the recently posted webinar on the gbXML integration for this tool.