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Lumion 5.3 Update Available

Ease of use is critical when it comes to the efficient creation of architectural visualizations. Lumion 5.3 contains some great new features which make it even faster and easier to build beautiful scenes and render them as still images or animations. In total more than 50 improvements and features ensure the best in visualization workflow...

Energy Simulation Plug-ins for Revit Review by LMN Tech Studio

With our continued efforts in enhancing sustainability in all our projects, we have been looking into early-design daylight and energy analysis. Since LMN loves Revit, we tested 3 energy simulation plug-ins available for Revit: IES-VE, Design Builder and Sefaira. IES and Design Builder are 2 standalone energy simulation software famous among energy modelers and MEP...
Life-Cycle Assessment with Revit and Tally for the Atlanta Falcons Stadium

Life-Cycle Assessment with Revit and Tally for the Atlanta Falcons Stadium

This is an interesting Autodesk University Class on life-cycle assessment via a BIM model from AU 2014 that went live a little while ago: AB6581: Flying High with Revit and Tally: Lifecycle Assessment for the Atlanta Falcons Stadium The new Atlanta Falcons stadium is a large, complex project that strives to push sustainability forward in...
Energy Analysis for Dynamo – Open Beta Release

Energy Analysis for Dynamo – Open Beta Release

Check out this Energy Analysis for Dynamo package from from Core Studio at Thornton Tomasetti: We are very happy to announce the open beta release of Energy Analysis for Dynamo, available today in the Dynamo Package Manager, and on Github.  Energy Analysis for Dynamo allows for parametric energy modeling and whole-building energy analysis workflows in...
Sefaira Releases Performance Analysis Plug-in for Revit

Sefaira Releases Performance Analysis Plug-in for Revit

Sefaira Now Provides Feedback on Energy and Daylighting Trade-Offs in Autodesk Revit Sefaira, the leader in software for high-performance building design, today announced that it now delivers real-time energy analysis and daylighting analysis within Autodesk® Revit. With the Sefaira for Revit plugin, architects can now assess tradeoffs between energy and daylighting performance and make performance-based...

BIM Forum Talk with Zach Kron: Dynamo – Visual Programming for Revit

Speaker: Zach Kron Principal Design Strategist for the AEC Conceptual Design group at Autodesk Dynamo is a graphical algorithm editor that can be used to extend the parametric functionality of Autodesk Revit. It is accessible to both programmers and non-programmers, with the ability to diagrammatically code behavior and define custom functionality. Users can also use...

Advanced Computational Design with Dynamo and Revit – Youtube Playlist

This is a videos series for Advanced Computational Design for BIM. Unit 1: Revit Element Modification Unit 2: Revit Element Creation Unit 3: Non-Dynamo Created Elements referenced in the Graph Unit 4: Import/Export Unit 5: Simple Analysis Unit 6: Advanced Analysis Unit 7: Scripting

Revit Credit Manager for LEED

The Revit Credit Manager for LEED will allow you to automate calculations for your LEED Daylighting and Views IEQ 8.1 (Daylight Option 1 Simulation and Option 2 Prescriptive) and IEQ8.2 (Views) credits as well as streamline the submittals conveniently from inside Autodesk Revit 2014 software. Go to the Autodesk Feedback Community to find out more...

An Overview of Revit Wood Wall Framing Extension

A 20-minute overview of the Revit Wall Framing Extension, which is available in the Revit Subscription Advantage Pack. The 2014 version seems to be available at Autodesk Exchange:

IES VE 2013 Released

IES Virtual Environment 2013 includes updated plugins for the latest versions of Sketchup and Revit. For a detailed look at all enhancements take a look at the New Features document.
Minergie Calculations from the BIM Model with Lesosai

Minergie Calculations from the BIM Model with Lesosai

Lesosai 7.1 imports gbXML, which can be generated Revit, Sketchup (with Plugin) und Archicad (with Plugin). Lesosai is software for the certification and thermal balance calculation of buildings containing one or more heated or cooled zones. It is designed primarily for building engineers, HVAC engineers and architects..

New Tool for Exchanging Data between Revit and PHPP

Bjerg Arkitektur studio has been busy developing a new tool that makes it possible to exchange data between Revit and the passivhouse planning tool PHPP. The tool has the work title “Project Omega”, and is a smart and easy installable add-in to Revit. When exporting from Revit, the user has to choose which data to...