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VE2014 Feature Pack 1 Available Now

Here is the download link: New Features Summary New California Building Regulations Title 24 Compliance Tool IESVE is the first commercial software to be officially approved for commercial building compliance with the new California Building Regulations, Title 24. Our software provides an alternative calculation method for demonstrating performance compliance with the non-residential provisions of...
BIM Content Management in the Cloud

BIM Content Management in the Cloud

I just came across this fascinating cloud based content library for Revit and Sketchup. It also offers an affordable price of $12 per user right now. Some of the highlights are: Automatic RFA versioning Batch meta tag Search keywords / meta tags Upload your entire library with a single upload User Groups (by project or...

SketchUp goes BIM with IFC

Check out these post on the new version of SketchUp 2014:    
designPH - The 3D Interface for Passive House Design with PHPP

designPH – The 3D Interface for Passive House Design with PHPP

Passive House planning has never been more convenient. The new designPH, a 3D model interface developed by the Passive House Institute, allows for graphic input of energy related design data. Details relating to the thermal building envelope and shading are entered automatically and can be optimised if necessary. The treated floor area can be gradually...
Sefaira: Cloud-Based Early Design Performance Analysis for Revit and SketchUp

Sefaira: Cloud-Based Early Design Performance Analysis for Revit and SketchUp

Sefaira is a relatively new kid on the block in the Building Performance Analysis field. It looks like that speed of calculation is one of the differentiators here compared to similar tools. What I find exciting is that they will have a webcast showcasing their new integration with my favorite design tool Revit on Wednesday...

OpenStudio V1.1.0 Released

EnergyPlus is the Building Technology Office’s (BTO) free, open-source whole-building energy simulation engine. OpenStudio is BTO’s free, open-source software development kit for energy simulation using EnergyPlus. Developed at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), OpenStudio provides common input model creation, run management, and result manipulation functions that reduce the effort to develop applications that use...

gModeller Updated to Version 1.8

greenspaceLive are just announced gModeller version 1.8, now available on the SketchUp Extension Warehouse. What’s in gModeller 1.8? Optimised for SketchUp Make and SketchUp Pro gbXML, IDF and NCT exports Auto Surfacing and Spacing Cloud backup and Versioning Run EnergyPlus Analysis from SketchUp And much more! The easiest way to update gModeller is to go...

IES VE 2013 Released

IES Virtual Environment 2013 includes updated plugins for the latest versions of Sketchup and Revit. For a detailed look at all enhancements take a look at the New Features document.
Minergie Calculations from the BIM Model with Lesosai

Minergie Calculations from the BIM Model with Lesosai

Lesosai 7.1 imports gbXML, which can be generated Revit, Sketchup (with Plugin) und Archicad (with Plugin). Lesosai is software for the certification and thermal balance calculation of buildings containing one or more heated or cooled zones. It is designed primarily for building engineers, HVAC engineers and architects..

EnergyPlus Version 8.0 and OpenStudio Legacy Plug-in 1.0.10 Available

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has released an updated version of EnergyPlus simulation software for modeling heating, cooling, lighting, ventilating, and other building energy flows. Additionally, a new version of OpenStudio Legacy Plug-in for Trimble SketchUp is available, which makes it possible to perform EnergyPlus simulations using Sketchup’s user-friendly 3-D drawing interface. Visit

VE 2012 Feature Pack 2 Hotfix 1 Now Available for Download

A new hotfix for VE 2012 Feature Pack 2 is now available from the IES Download Centre.
greenspace Live Reveals New Website and Features

greenspace Live Reveals New Website and Features

greenspaceLive is a energy analysis suite based on EnergyPlus that works with Trimble Sketchup. Their gTools solution is the only application for SketchUp with integrated gbXML technology. greenspaceLive has just revealed a new website today! The look and feel of the site was overhauled (e.g. allowing you to sign in, register and share with LinkedIn...